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AnarCom Perspectives #1 – No War But The Class War

Our new set of pamphlets “AnarCom Perspectives” is a series of original works by the ACN.  The first of these “No War But The Class War” has just been published.

This is the first of a series of ‘AnarCom Perspectives’ pamphlets where we aim to reprint articles by AnarCom Network comrades previously published online or in other formats.

This is neither academic nor abstract but a reflection of our praxis – ideas in action.  

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You can’t blow up the social revolution – the anarchist case against terrorism.

Capitalist crisis is again asserting itself across the globe with increasing ferocity and violence – superpower conflict, global hunger, fuel crisis, inflation, climate crisis and ecological collapse.
The charade of social peace between classes is unsustainable. Everywhere our class is forced to face an increasingly binary choice: life or death, war or revolution.
Anarchist Communism is faced with a fundamental paradox. That paradox centres on it’s relationship to the conceptual use of violence. Far from being violent, we are drawn to revolution by the need and passion to abolish a system so violent that it kills millions every day through indifference, neglect or design.
The paradox being that in the process of doing so, the use of violence will inevitably confront us whether we want it or not. As Jean Barrot (aka Gilles Dauvé) presented it in his letter to fellow revolutionaries,

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Rebel Rose (newsletter)

Rebel Rose the Free newsletter of the AnarCom Network, usually bi-monthly.

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Rebel Rose Poetry booklet

A booklet of revolutionary poetry from many comrades, issue one originally for the ACG. Issue 2 in the works for the AnarCom Network.

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