Class War NOT Sectarian War

Images from The Indian Express

We are saddened to see disturbances that began in Leicester, seemingly made worse with the influence of Hindu nationalists and to then be exploited by the Islamic far right and which the so-called ‘indigenous’ far right are very happy with. The far right, whether Hindu, Muslim, western or whatever is cancer and cannot truly help us or solve our problems, which are mainly caused by this increasingly dystopian capitalist society and the class system and state that comes with it.

Leicester has for a long time been known for its good cross community relations, but now the current situation is to be exploited nefariously by the far right in all its manifestations and has spread. The only war that should be waged is the class war, not religious, sectarian or racist/xenophobic war, which can only divide and divert working class anger and action into a counter-productive, self-defeating dead end of nationalism.

The working class of any so-called ‘race’, nationality or belief has more in common with each other really than it does with those in the international ruling class, whose interests are served by nationalism, sectarianism, religion and conservativism of all types.  Class war is ever more crucial today when we see the developments that have occurred and are happening in this country and around the world and we the working class should unite, provide solidarity to each other no matter our differences and fight together against the ruling class and their increasingly repressive and barbaric capitalist system that ultimately has nothing real to offer us. We are diverted from this at our peril.

Article by Tom Hughes