Austerity is Class War!

There is no longer anything stealthy about the war currently being waged against our class.  Truss the clueless has gone and the gloves are off.  The extremists are taking control.

Outrageous figures concerning interest rate usury, income attack inflation, and debt enslavement are flying around all over the place. We don’t want to compete with the bourgeois press in simple reportage. We are commenting instead as revolutionists on the class nature of this assault.

The headline rate of inflation may have just topped 10%, but the inflation rate of staples for our survival, cereals, bread, pasta, dairy produce and vegetables etc. is already nearly double that.  And that’s not counting heating, finance and housing costs.  

The government is attacking our resistance on two fronts. One, by the lie that strikers are selfish by risking fuelling wage driven inflation. Two, by planning urgent legislation to limit our ability to fight back, using the traditional excuse of protecting ‘the public’.  Fear and force are being deployed against us.  We must prepare to respond in kind.

Wage fuelled inflation by a greedy minority with too much power threatening the well-being of the rest of ‘us’, has been peddled since the beginning of the year.  There is no evidence of this wage driven inflation and even experts on the government side are having to concede this.  

Price rises are being driven by falling margins of profit due to war, preventable global pandemics, climate crisis and the fundamental contradictions in the logic of capital.  The collapse of neoliberal globalisation.  

In making our class pay for their avarice they are in a sense partly telling the truth:  Our crisis is being driven by a greedy minority with too much power, threatening the well-being of the rest of us, THEM.

On the back of this plan they are clearly hoping to confine wage settlements to around 5% at most. This even in the current circumstances will amount to a real term cut of 10% minimum to workers and producers across all sectors. They talk of growth but the only growth is in absolute poverty, food banks and desperation.

The chaos we see in government is them working at desperately increasing speed to gather and unite their forces to win this battle. Tumbleweed Truss was always expendable, capitalism’s Horsemen of the Apocalypse (which includes the Labour Party who won’t dismount to join a picket but will police the frontier of austerity), are not, and that’s why she is yesterday’s toast.

Full employment and poverty wages have left our struggle weaker than it should be and they know it. They will try and divide, the worthy and deserving against the greedy and the militants. The strikers against the ‘public’.  A common cause against war and chaos.

Their miscalculation lies here. As they will argue austerity is our saviour, they will see that the striker and the public are the same. As they argue our resistance is a minority ideological class war, we will increasingly see that the majority will recognise it’s solidarity in shared struggle as more natural than their State and its ambition on behalf of the ruling class minority.  Our forces must unite in equal clarity and determination 

As the famous anarchist philosopher Noam Chomsky puts it: “Austerity is just a fancy word for Class War”.  This is becoming the obvious in intent and consequence.  Strike ballots and actions, official or otherwise are happening everywhere.   Coordinating this activity is now the recognised common sense and being planned in.  

Their gloves are off, our boots must be on.  The ambition of resistance so far has been too limited.  They won’t concede because they can’t concede without threatening their security in power.  Their demands are unacceptable to our class. We must escalate our struggle, our actions, our coordination and our demands, to the point where it is equally unacceptable to them. Where it is their system, not our communities in peril. 

Then is where our boots must triumph over their gloveless hands. 

Article by Dreyfus