“Capitalism? No thanks, I gave already..”

Dear Boss,

…it’s not me, it’s you. It really is you, I just hadn’t gotten around yet to letting you know. 

This may feel like it’s come out of the blue, but I’ve been rethinking our relationship for some time now.  I think it may have always been better for you than it was for me, I guess I just felt I had to go along with it. 

Yes, I admit, in terms of satisfaction I was mostly faking it.  To be blunt, I don’t feel you’ve ever been interested in meeting my needs.  Frankly, you’re a little selfish. It’s all take take take with you. 

Date nights were always a strange affair. ‘One to One’s’ as you called them.  You pretended it was about us, you even said once how much you appreciated me, whilst somehow managing to let me know I was never quite good enough.  I was never enough for you – there was a third party in our relationship.  You let slip their initials once, H.R. as I recall.

Did you ever listen to my worries or interests like I listened to yours?  Oh I know you’re always under pressure but why is that my problem?  When I told you I didn’t like getting up early, had a headache or just didn’t feel like it today you made it all about me.  That’s gaslighting and began making me think. 

And then I remember that time you made me do that course, as if ‘Performance Management’ would ever be my choice.  Theatre’s not my thing, and if there’s anyone here acting out, it’s you.  At times, to put it bluntly, you can be pretty passive aggressive! No, a right tosser actually.  There, I said it and I’m glad!

It pisses you off that I’ve never heard of the KPI’s or the Targets, and I don’t care how many records of theirs you have, it’s just another example of how little we’ve got in common, despite what you said and how nice you seemed when we first met.  But thinking of it, I had just left school and probably didn’t know better.

I realise now you were probably grooming me.  I should have known when you approached me online, I mean, who does that!  I assumed you wanted to play when you asked if I was up for a challenge.  I should never have listened to that person at the Job Centre, I think they may have put you up to it, but you knew what to say and what you were doing.

The final straw is when you cut my house-keeping and still expected me to be grateful!  Now I just feel cold, not just towards you, but just cold.  The flame has gone out and I can’t afford to replace it. 

I told my friends down at the ‘Prole & Picket’.  They said I should leave you, that I look bored and have done for some time. I know they’re right, they know me so much better than you. 

I’m not interested in your overtime, just time to get one over on you.  Oh, and by the way, you can keep your records collection, maybe H.R. would like them!  But I’ve had enough of dancing to your tunes, I gave already!

No longer yours,

Gill O’Teen

By Dreyfus