Yorkshire Nazis’ Damp Squib Protest – By FLAF West Yorkshire

On Saturday a handful of no-mark fascists tried to hold an anti-refugee protest at the Britannia hotel in Seacroft Leeds. They met at the Cricketer’s Arms in Seacroft (which turned out to be shut) before waddling over to the hotel with a makeshift banner.

Despite what has been claimed elsewhere, 8-10 miserable looking fash stood in the rain with a banner, protected by the police. No one took any note of them, and they went as quick as they came. Pointless action all round.

There was another group of anti-fascists in attendance. They had the chance to engage the fascist no-marks (being the much larger group) but instead opted to hide in bushes for 20 minutes until the police arrived.

We acknowledge the work of other groups in attendance, and support the fact they mobilised. But we do question why there was a ‘squad photo’ taken, and a write-up/report put out that didn’t represent what happened in any clear or factual way.

We also question what the point is in mobilising a “squad” if you’re just going to stand on a bridge and talk to the police? Posturing isn’t going to put mobilisations of fascists off. We have seen that elsewhere with left-wing groups who poster & shout, but never confront.

We were passed the info on the day by a member of the public and only managed to get a couple of people into the area at short notice to observe. Had the other anti-fascist group approached us in advance, or shared the intel with FLAF, we would have happily backed them up.

By a FLAF Comrade