Notes from the Picket Line


CWU Picket Line, Leeds

AnarCom members today (24/12/22) joined the CWU (Royal Mail) picket line at the Wellington Road Sorting Office in Leeds.

We handed out our picket line stickers – which everyone took and they were really appreciative of our support.

We talked to the pickets who told us that at this office that support for the strike is still strong with only 2 scabs (along with a few agency staff) out of 70 in total working.

We were also told that the Armley, Leeds Office (Tong Road) it is a different picture with only 10 out 30 staff supporting the strike, and with the union rep resigning and becoming a scab.

Elsewhere in Leeds the strike is solid with very few scabbing.

A picket talked to a couple of agency staff explaining why it was wrong for them cross the picket line and that it was undermining the strike.  They did say they understand and apologised but still went into work.

This is the last official strike day as the workers now legally have to be balloted again, the expectation is they will again overwhelmingly vote to strike.


RMT Picket Line Manchester

An AnarCom RMT member attended the December picket on the Piccadilly Approach to Manchester’s principal train station which also houses both Northern Rail and one of the largest Network Rail centres in the country. 

Around 80 people attended bringing together a range of workers from disparate sections of the transport sector many of whom were new to each other, lacking opportunities outside of the strike to meet. 

The atmosphere was celebratory with lots of support expressed by other workers and passers-by, including the local high street chain coffee shop that provided free refreshments to the picket throughout the day.  The public clearly knows which side it’s on! Solidarity was warmly shared and new friendships made. 

A festival of freedom from the daily grind of wage labour!

Dogs supporting the strikes – Manchester

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