The Tanks Roll East

For the first time in 70 years, western battle tanks are rumbling eastwards at a cost of a $3 billion bonanza for the military industrial complex, to distract from the allegations of ‘trickle up’ corruption uniting the Zelensky and Sunak regimes.

At home, a million workers endure the hardship of strikes in preference to the poverty of capitulation, whilst in Ukraine the combined casualty figures for our butchered class now ranges from a conservative 200,000 to a concealed 400,000.

The figures in both cases are staggering by contemporary standards in the ‘developed’ world, though sadly not surprising to revolutionists who have never stopped predicting it throughout the reign of capitalism.

The stalemate on both fronts, on the battlefield abroad and the class struggle at home, is soon to break in the spring thaw of ice and the frustration at restraint.  The two conflicts portrayed as related only in the unavoidable impact on us, are different expressions of one war between the rich boss class and us as workers with no resources but our labour. 

A chancellor misplaces £5 million in tax and the BBC favours a friend of the PM here, while a deputy leader and a minister in Ukraine siphon off international aid.  Is either such a contrast to Putin’s kleptocratic dictatorship?

Putin might be less mithered by scrutiny or opinion, but he can’t ignore the full prison cells, the near million draft dodgers nor an active opposition that has led to nearly 80 attacks nationwide on recruitment centres and military infrastructure by class struggle militants since the invasion began.

Unity in our class at home is growing through struggle, mutual respect and solidarity, as it is growing throughout Europe in resistance to making us pay for wartime austerity, such as the national French strikes to raising the pension age. 

Splits amongst our rulers are being exposed.  In Britain, tested loyalties at government level and discord over how to resolve the strikes; in Ukraine, the oligarchs fighting the political struggle for power; in the Western alliance over how to preserve post war trade with Russia.

In Russia itself, there is conflict between the once secure military establishment and the ‘court favourites’ in the Wagner group.  If those knives aren’t sharp enough, Putin’s inner circle will we wondering where to moor their yachts or send their kids to school if all bridges burn.

Every crack and wound of theirs is an opportunity we must ruthlessly exploit.  Every new weakness is our opportunity.  Every strike we make is a blow to corrupt power at home and against their war.  The front line here is the picket line, the occupation, the civil unrest, the coordination of resistance. 

The war is not coming – it is here and escalating.  The peace movement wins with victory on the home front!

Article by Dreyfus