Red October

Saint Petersburg on the eve of October 1917

“We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” Aesop

Coordinated strike plans will result in over 165,000 workers from Aslef, the RMT, Royal Mail and the Felixstowe and Liverpool docks being on strike together on the 1st October.  The staggered and rolling strikes commence on September 30th with the members of the Communication Worker’s Union. 

The miss-judged truce for a dead queen is over and not a moment too soon!  They took no time out.  Behind the charade they planned and plotted their next assault on us and unleashed it’s  brutality in the budget of September 23rd! 

Billions for business and the rich that has crashed the pound, accelerating the rising price of food, fuel, heating, travel and nearly destroying national pension funds.  Saved at the last minute by the government’s bank buying £65 billion of the government’s own debt for us to repay with interest at a later date!

Yet still they make the unbelievable claim that soaring inflation is driven by workers wages which have yet to be satisfied by any account.  And the pressure on workers is growing on every side. Rising interest rates are not only going to make people with mortgages unable to afford their indebted homes but will reverberate through the rental system, making already overcharged tenants unable to sustain a roof over their heads.  Increasing personal debt just to eat and heat adds more links to our chains.

The crisis is deepening, and whatever we couldn’t afford a week ago we can afford still less now. The strikes are timely and will draw anger and support from our class.

While the Loyal Labour Opposition play for power by refusing to join picket lines and offering us a ‘fairer greener future’, we scream for action and resolution now! 

For the coordination of the strike action, for more and extended strikes, for the escalation of action, for connectivity of solidarity and engagement across communities, industries, trades, employed and unemployed! 

Forward to a real Red October!

By Dreyfus