You can’t blow up the social relationship – The anarchist case against terrorism: New Pamphlet

Our new pamphlet is available at £2 plus postage:

 “You can’t blow up a social relationship!”  A new pamphlet published by the AnarCom Network

Capitalist crisis is again asserting itself across the globe with increasing ferocity and violence – superpower conflict, global hunger, fuel crisis, inflation, climate crisis and ecological collapse.

The charade of social peace between classes is unsustainable. Everywhere our class is forced to face an increasingly binary choice: life or death, war or revolution.

Anarchist Communism is faced with a fundamental paradox. That paradox centres on it’s relationship to the conceptual use of violence. Far from being violent, we are drawn to revolution by the need and passion to abolish a system so violent that it kills millions every day through indifference, neglect or design.